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Hospital Care

When you need care for yourself or a loved one during hospitalization, Dr. Philip Atigre of Accord Medical Group in Tampa, Florida is there for you. His genuine concern for his patients’ well-being and in-depth knowledge of medical conditions, combined with his extensive experience and great rapport with area hospitals, allows him to offer continuity of care for improved patient outcomes.

No matter which area hospital you choose, Dr. Atigre’s cycle of care ensures that he will continue to remain in charge of your care even after you leave the hospital and return home, to assisted living, or to skilled nursing care.

Having the same physician throughout your healing journey ensures that your medical history is already known and there is no need to get to know a new physician, allowing you to feel comfortable and understood. Dr. Atigre’s goal is to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital readmissions and to promote patient self-management.

Dr. Atigre sees his patients daily during hospitalization and is affiliated with the following hospitals:

For compassionate hospital care from a board-certified internist in Tampa, Florida, call Accord Medical Group at (813) 374-2406 or request an appointment online.