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Accord Medical Group

Assisted Living Facilities

Accord Medical Group provides personalized service for chronically ill geriatric patients in assisted living facilities in Tampa, Florida. The vast experience of our providers in managing and reducing the severity of symptoms associated with chronic and disabling illnesses allows patients to have a better quality of life.

Our primary goals for those in assisted living facilities are preventive in nature. We strive to:

  • Prevent the progression of chronic disease
  • Prevent the need for emergency room visits
  • Prevent hospital admissions and re-admissions

In addition, our providers collaborate with family members and other caregivers, such as case managers, social workers, and physical and occupational therapists, who also provide care. Our patients are seen at their living facility regularly and as requested without having to come into the office. We are able to order any necessary lab work, refill prescriptions, and provide care on site.

For a compassionate doctor who understands of the unique long-term care needs of your loved one, call our office at (813) 374-2406 or request an appointment online.